High Power Wire Grid Resistors

We are a prominent producer & supplier of advanced High power wire grid resistors from India. Our resistors are widely used by equipment manufacturers across the globe. Further, we also execute bulk orders for customer oriented resistors.

High Power Wire Grid Resistors
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In these type of resistors, fecral wires are used. Wire is formed into grid by bending wire in zig -zag form. Multiple grids are assembled as a bank and then fitted in an enclosure. These resistors are most suitable where high wattage and high current is required. Stainless Steel punched grid resistors are also available.

  • Loading Resistors
  • Dynamic Braking Resistor
  • Starting Resistors
  • Nuetral Grounding Resistor

Temperature Range -55°C to + 375°C max.
Dielectric Strength 2500 VAC
Temp. Coefficient ±200PPM/°C max
Short Term Overload 20 x Wattage rating for 5 seconds

High Power Wire Grid ResistorsTYPE: EWGRE

High Power Wire Grid Resistors
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Cable entry from bottom
Add 75mm in height for lifting eye bolts.
Eye bolts are available from 30Kw onwards.

If canopy is required, add the required extension to the above dimensions.

Sheet thickness of enclosure: SWG 20 / 0.9mm (Galvanised Sheet)

We Assist in developing custom built resistors for applications


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